Friday, April 3, 2020

Raising the fry of Egg layers

          When the eggs hatch, the larvae that emerge look nothing like the parent fish. Instead, the larvae have a large, yellow yolk sac and are barely able to swim. The larva feeds on the eggs sac untill all the yopy  is absorbed. Once the yolk sac is absorbed, the fry starts feeding on external food. The fry of small fish can be first fed with infusoria,,"green water," or egg yolk.
 Later these fry can be fed  larger food like white worms, Daphnia,Artemia nauplii, and ground flakes. These food are good as a first food for slightly larger fry such as those of cichlids. Once the fish grow larger, large foods like brine shrimp,larger Daphnia,flakes,insect  larvae, and chopped Tubifex worms are accepted. The fry  should be fed several times a day. Many species need periodic sorting by size, so that larger fish do not cannibalize smaller fish.