Friday, October 25, 2019

Egg-depositor fish Breeding..

        In this case, the eggs are either laid on a substitute, like a stone or plants leaf or even individually placed among. Fine leafled plants like java miss. Egg-depositors usually lay Lee's egg than Egg-scatterers. Egg- depositors fall into two groups: those that care their eggs,and those that don't care. Among egg depositors that care for their eggs are cichlids and soma catfish. Cyprinids, various catfish, and Killifish make up the majority of egg-depositors that do not care for their young ones. These species lays their eggs against a surface, where the eggs are abandoned. These species do not usually eat their eggs.

                         Spawning tank
                 For those egg-depositors that care for their young ones, the parents can remain in the tank after spending. Substrate spawners, depending on the species, should be given a tank furnished glass panes, broad-leafed plants,or flat stones for Spawning sites. Some species such as Discus and Angelfish prefer vertical surfaces.  For cavity spawners,flowerpots turned on their side,coconut shells, and rocky caves are suitable Spawning sites. The tank should be furnished with either live or plastic plants to give the fish a screen of security.
Egg-depositors that do not care for their young ones should be given a tank furnished with fine and broad-leafed plants,Java Moss, or artificial Spawning mops. After spending the parents or plants with the eggs should be removed. If the plants with the eggs should be removed. If the plants containing eggs are removed,new plants should placed in the tank for future Spawning.

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